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Why do you still promote auction when they aren't selling under the hammer?

🏑 Unlock the Power of Auctions in Auckland's Competitive Apartment Market! πŸš€


We get it – the market is dynamic, and strategies need to evolve. At City Sales, we've witnessed a shift, but let us tell you why auctions remain the game-changer in the apartment arena.


πŸ” The Challenge: Flattened Auction Outcomes

Recent auctions not ending under the hammer? It happens. But don't discard auctions just yet!
Don't forget up until about 3 weeks ago we had 100% clearance at auction for 5-6 auction days in a row, so things can, and will change back at the drop of a dime. 
In the Auckland apartment market, where choices abound, buyer decisions often waver. Here's where auctions shine, injecting urgency into the equation and giving your property the spotlight it deserves.


πŸš€ The Power of Auctions:

  1. Urgency Sells:

    In the apartment market, buyers are spoiled for choice. In the bigger buildings there are often mulitple units on the market at any point in time. Thats the same location, facilities, layout, views. What's going to make buyers want to see your unit first?Break through buyer decision paralysis with the inherent urgency of auctions.
    • Stand out in a sea of options, compelling buyers to act decisively.
  2. Seller in Control:

    • Seize command of timescales and sale terms.
    • Avoid navigating weak or uncertain offers – auctions put you in the driver's seat.
  3. Competitive Interest Rules:

    • Turn competitive interest into your ultimate negotiation tool.
    • Attract serious buyers who understand the value of your property.
  4. Defined Sale Period:

    • Benefit not just the seller but incentivize tenants for more flexible access.
    • If vacant, minimize vacancy periods with a clear, concise auction timeline.
  5. Unrivalled Exposure:

    • Advertise for auctions and watch the inquiries flood in – up to three times more than properties with asking prices.

🌟 Our Promise: Elevate Your Apartment Sale

While the ideal scenario is an unconditional under-the-hammer sale, auctions offer more than meets the eye. Should your property not sell under the hammer, we will have identified ready-to-act buyers, ensuring your property doesn't linger on the market. And this is exactly what's happening now. For the past 2 auctions, 'unsold' auction properties have sold within 30 minutes of the auction closing. 
Trust the process! We promise, we know what we're doing. 

πŸ’¬ Let's Talk!

City Sales has been running the greatest Auckland Apartment auctions since 1997.
We are ready to guide you through the power of auctions. Schedule a conversation with us to explore how we can tailor this strategy to elevate your apartment sale in Auckland's competitive market.

Ready to take control and make your property stand out? Contact City Sales now! 09 3030 601.

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