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-Mar 7, 2022

Leasehold vs freehold – the different forms of property ownership | City Sales Real Estate

Unsure about the difference between leasehold and freehold? Find out everything you need to know about each type of property ownership, so you can make an informed decision when buying or selling.

-Sep 5, 2022

How to Finance an Auckland Apartment Purchase

For first-time buyers in Auckland, the process of financing an apartment purchase can seem daunting. There are so many different options and variables to consider. However, with a little research and…

-Nov 24, 2022

Should I sell now or in 2023?

As reported in the media after the recent OCR update moving 75 basis points (the largest move since 2009) The property market is widely expected to continue on its downward spiral into 2023.

-Apr 17, 2023

How to buy your first investment property

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