City Sales holds and processes data as a Data Controller. Your privacy is important to us at City Sales Ltd and we want to be sure that you understand the terms and conditions relating to the way in which we collect information and the use of that information. This Privacy Policy tells you what information we collect, what we do with it and your rights to view, correct, or change it.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner ( provides further details of the New Zealand Privacy Act and how it protects personal information in New Zealand. City Sales also adheres to and complies with international privacy law where appropriate such as the GDPR.



City Sales Ltd operates the website As part of our operations, we may gather certain types of information about the users of our sites:

Personally Identifiable Information. This is provided by you when you register for services that we may offer. Examples of these services could include email newsletters or contact enquiry forms. Providing this information will always be optional for you. However, some services may not be available to you if you chose not to provide it.

Aggregated Data. This information is generated by our systems as they track traffic through our sites. This information does not identify you personally and is not linked to the personally identifiable information that you may have provided.

Sometimes City Sales will collect your personal information from third parties. For example, we may need to collect personal information from a credit reporting agency, marketing organisations, your representative (such as a legal adviser), your financial adviser, your employer or publicly available sources of information or any other organisations where you have given your consent.

AML CFT. We are required to collect a set of identifying information as required by the AML CFT legislation. We have a lawful requirement and purpose to collect such information as needed to work on your behalf within NZ Laws. Without adequate identification we are not able to work on your behalf.



We will not share the information that we collect with any third parties apart from in the following circumstances: We may disclose your personal information as permitted or required by law, to regulatory bodies and law enforcement and to third party service providers. Sometimes City Sales may need to share personal information with a credit reporting agency, marketing organisations, your representative (such as a legal adviser), your financial adviser, your employer or publicly available sources of information or any other organisations where you have given your consent.

Where we contract with third parties to perform services for City Sales, those third parties may handle your personal information and must only use the information for the purposes for which it was supplied.

The information may be hosted with a service provider. Our agreements with them protect the information that we collect from any use by them that we have not authorised. The aggregated data (not the personally identifiable information) may be shared with third parties such as advertisers or business partners. Your personally identifiable information may be shared with third parties when we believe in good faith that we are required to do so by law. If we have your prior permission (which we would ask for at the time of collection), we may share the information with specified third parties.



We have collected this information in order to provide the best possible service to you while you are visiting our sites. To this end we may use the information that you provide for the following purposes:

To verify your identity if you need help with a forgotten password or you are having login problems with one of our site services. To process any transactions that you might make on our site. To help provide any other services that you have requested. To offer the most relevant information suitable to you and your property, apartment and investment matters. For any marketing, promotional, publicity, direct marketing, or market research that we might undertake. For any other purposes for which you have given permission.



A cookie is a small file that resides on your computer and is recognised by our server when you visit our sites. A cookie does not provide us with any personally identifiable information. It does provide details of your Internet Provider (IP) address, the computer platform that you use (e.g., Mac or Windows), the browser that you use (e.g., Microsoft Explorer or Netscape) and what domain you are accessing our sites from. With this information we can do the following:

Track traffic patterns to our site. Ensure that the most relevant content is being shown. Allow you to enter certain site member services without having to log in each time you visit.

If you would rather, we did not use cookies with you, you can refuse them by turning them off in your browser and/or deleting them from your hard drive. You will still be able to visit our sites.



This Privacy Policy only relates to our sites. You should be aware that we are not responsible for the practices of our advertisers or business partners. Our site may contain links to other sites. You should check their privacy policies before providing personally identifiable information to them or any other third party.



You will always have the option to opt in to certain services and to opt out of those services at any stage. This means you may change your mind at any stage about participating in any of our services.



We use third party providers to store and process our data.

We store most of the personal information we collect and generate electronically on our own secure server which is protected, and security monitored by a reputable 3rd party provider.  We also use Microsoft Office 365 for our email and other office productivity applications. 

AML CFT personal information is held securely on a 3rd party platform hosted by AML Solutions.

Information that is held regarding Real Estate transactions and Property Management information are held securely on 3rd party platforms.



We take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information we collect is protected against loss, unauthorised access and disclosure or any other misuse, including meeting the requirements prescribed by the New Zealand government for the secure handling, storage, and disposal of any information.

We ensure that our 3rd party data processors can meet our privacy and security requirements.  We are satisfied, for example, that Microsoft has adequate security and privacy safeguards in place to protect information it holds on our behalf.




In order to reflect the fact that our business is growing constantly, we reserve the right to change this policy at any time. Changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted here.



You have rights under The New Zealand Privacy Act of 2020 and where applicable the GDPR.

These rights include being informed as to the use of your own personal data, the right to know and access any data which we may hold related to you, the right to rectify any incorrect or inaccurate data we hold related to you, the right to have your personal data deleted, the right to restrict processing of your personal data, the right to retain and use your own personal data for your own purpose/s, the right to object to your personal data being used and the right to be free from automated decision making and profiling (note City Sales does not use automation to make decision or profiling).

For any questions related to your rights, or your own data, please contact us at


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