Shona Kydd

M. 027 412 1280

E. shonak@citysales.co.nz

Seriously impressed with the client-centred
approach, delightful friendliness, ability to listen, to anticipate and willingness to share accumulated knowledge all the while displaying an amazing commitment to their goal; the best outcome for clients.


I must have contacted over 20 real estate agents in the last few months, you are the only one who showed a pro active interest in helping us far beyond just answering the usual questions. You're now the only real estate agent we'll work with, thank you.


My Listings

54754893__1652132204-4500-3051ParliamentStHiRes11.jpg auction
  • 1 beds
  • 1 bath


Beautiful & Bankable in The Statesman

305/1 Parliament Street, Auckland Central

54728311__1652046000-5836-DSC0457345.JPG auction
  • 2 beds
  • 1 bath
  • 1 Car


Freehold & Fabulous in Freemans Bay

1J/15 Hopetoun Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland Central

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