-Nov 23, 2023 By City Sales Ltd

🏡 City Sales Auction Recap: Unveiling Today's Real Estate Triumphs!

In the heart of Auckland's property pulse, today's auctions unfolded with two stellar offerings that left the audience buzzing. Get the details you won't find elsewhere:

Property One: 1606/171 Queen Street 🌟 In-Demand Marvel: The spotlight shone brightly on this gem, with four active bidders igniting a bidding war. The anticipation was palpable, and the outcome exceeded expectations as the property sold under the hammer, clinching a remarkable $20,000 above reserve. The vendors, naturally, are overjoyed with this outstanding result.

Property Two: 516/85 Customs Street West 🏨 Strategic Investment Play: The second property, a leasehold jewel nestled in the hotel pool, promised a hands-off investment. While the floor remained bid-free, thick with potential as conditional buyers eagerly awaited the auction's close. As the final gavel fell, conditional offers were immediately put to the listing agent. 

🔥 Upcoming Auction Extravaganza: A Prelude to Christmas! The excitement doesn't stop here! Brace yourselves for a series of captivating auctions leading up to Christmas. Our inventory boasts a diverse array of offerings:

  • First Home Marvels: Prime opportunities for first-time buyers.
  • Renovator's Dreams: Uncover properties ripe for transformation and profit.
  • Luxury Living Options: Explore the epitome of opulence, including an exquisite penthouse bachelor pad.
  • Classic Investor Stock: Time-tested investments for the savvy investor.

📞 Act Swiftly - Seize Your Property Destiny! The market is dynamic, and we sense a turning tide. Don't miss out on these exceptional opportunities. Whether you're seeking your first home, envisioning a renovation venture, embracing luxury living, or bolstering your investment portfolio, our dedicated City Sales representatives await your call.

🌐 Connect with Your City Sales Rep Today! In a market that evolves rapidly, decisive action is key. Reach out to your City Sales representative now to navigate this dynamic landscape and secure your place in Auckland's vibrant real estate narrative.

🚀 Your Property Journey Starts Here - Let's Make It Extraordinary!

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