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The Details you Wont Find Elsewhere: City Sales Auction Summary 27 March 

25 Cotesmore Way, Parnell - Declared $1 Reserve
The much anticipated declared $1 reserve did its job with 9+ active bidders and more in room for the show. And it was certainly a show. Bids came flying in so fast we were all struggling to keep up for a second or two there. In less than a minute we had 14 bids mostly on top of each other taking us from $1 to $40,000 and continued to climb from there. In under 7 minutes it was all over with a final sale price of $93,500 a very happy buyer and an excited auction room. 

Next up 415/23 Whitaker Place, Grafton - + GST
This managed apartment leaves nothing for the owner to do but collect a cheque. With 5 bidders we've got buyers who are cashed up, ready to buy, keen to buy and they missed out. If you own a unit in Empire or similar looking for a quick sale - reach out to Maryanne today. 
And congratulations to our buyer at $149,000+GST 

Following these 2 under the hammer sales with strong bidding, clever bidding, and heavy competition we moved into new territory. 
1901/11 Liverpool passed in. Available now to conditional interest and the top bidder is making their offer today - is a bank friendly (meaning banks lend on this) 2 bedroom apartment. Interested parties should ask Iona when they can view. 
9G/2 Eden Crescent followed. A one bedroom apartment with carpark. Argent Hall often the home of students studying at nearby universities remains available after passing in on the auction floor. Now open to conditional interest, this is an excellent buy for someone looking for a 'starter' do up. Dip your toes into the reno world by fitting out this unit with fresh paint, window coverings and carpet. A few pieces of clever furniture smartly staged and you're onto a winner. 

61/143 Quay Street. The owner is serious about moving on from this unique, prime Auckland offering. Seriously one of the best positions you can have in Auckland. Spacious on the waterfront, who wouldnt love it? While it passed in on the floor, second and third viewings were being booked by interested parties immediately as the auction ended so if you are interested be sure to register that interest with us or it may well go before you realise. As our auctioneer Ted Ingram always says - buy the one you want, not the one thats left!

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