-Nov 9, 2023 By City Sales Ltd

Auction Puzzles: Unpacking the Silence and Seizing the Opportunity

The scene is peculiar—packed rooms, registered bidders, yet getting bids feels like pulling teeth. However, beneath the surface calm, a different story unfolds. Unsold properties from the previous week now bear the mark of success, closing deals in a four-week timeframe, a shift from the previous two.

So, why the hesitancy? What's causing buyers to sit on their hands? The answer lies in a cocktail of factors, each contributing to the intricate dance of property sales, especially in the investor realm.

First on the list is the soaring mortgage rates. Despite expert predictions of an eventual decline, the duration of this peak is expected to linger, urging potential buyers to seize the opportune moment. As the saying goes, "The best time to buy was 10 years ago, the next best time was yesterday."

Adding another layer to the decision-making process is government uncertainty. The outcome of special votes has positioned Winston Peters as the King Maker once again, triggering a waiting game as coalition talks unfold. A new government looms on the horizon, and the nation collectively holds its breath, expecting an answer after an estimated two weeks of negotiations.

This political uncertainty casts a shadow over the optimism that prevailed when National and ACT held the reins. The news of interest deductibility had raised investor confidence but the waiting game seems to have pulled the heat back out of the market. 

In this intricate web of factors, City Sales stands as your guide through uncertainty. Our in-house mortgage broker specialises in navigating the complexities of apartment mortgages, ensuring a smooth journey for our buyers. Whether it's deciphering market trends or strategising amidst political shifts, we're here to turn challenges into opportunities.

The auction maze may be complex, but with City Sales, your path is clear. Join us in conversation, and let's transform market insights into decisive action. Because in a market where clarity is key, City Sales is your beacon in the auction storm.

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