-Nov 2, 2023 By City Sales Ltd

Unlocking Opportunities in Auckland's Property Market - Auction Catch up 1 November

Our November auctions brought together a vibrant mix of buyers, both in person and connected through their phones. However, securing bids proved to be a challenge, this is the sort of behaviour we typically see in the lead up to election. This year, though, it's a curious twist - elections are over with so whats the market hold up? Buyers are out and they want to buy, they want to know whats happening. It can only be the post-election anticipation. The real turning point comes this Friday, with the special votes revealing the composition of our government. 

Now, you might be wondering, what does all of this mean for property investors? No matter how the dice roll, we don't anticipate a significant deviation from the pre-election promises. As it stands, it's looking good for property investors and homeowners.
Our recommendation to buyers is crystal clear: Act now and become part of that group.
Multiple recent reports indicate that we might be witnessing the beginning of the next upward trajectory and we all remember how it went down last time. Flippers making $100k in a week on a property without even touching it. Wild. 

To our auction results:

🏠 Discover 64 Surrey Crescent: A Hidden Gem

A hidden gem, 64 Surrey Crescent passed in at auction is now sparking intense conditional interest with multiple offers, surpassing the unconditional bids that initially hit the floor. The potential here is undeniable.

💰 18 Ronwood Place: An Opportunity You Can't Miss

Though buyers again put their unconditional offers on the table it wasnt enough - now listed at just $365,000, 18 Ronwood Place beckons you to make your move.
Run the numbers in a mortgage calculator, and with the potential rental income of $460 - $510 per week the cogs are going to start turning. 
Even in today's market with rates of 7%+, you're on the verge of covering your costs. Simply trade a daily coffee, and you've got the mortgage covered.

Most economists predict that we've hit the peak rates, and they are on the path to decline. When combined with capital growth, your investment is looking better and better. 

Finding such affordable properties in Auckland is no easy feat. And let's not forget about the views – breathtaking. Comfortable living at an accessible price point, and there's room for improvement. Imagine fresh paint, new carpets, and expert advice on optimizing your kitchen layout – you're on the path to becoming a savvy property investor, poised for financial success.

This is your opportunity, and it's happening now.
Don't wait – join the journey to an even brighter future in Auckland's real estate market.

All eyes will be on Fridays special votes. The countdown is on. 
We know there are buyers and our vendors want out of their properties. All thats left is to find the sweet spot inbetween them. 

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